Japanese Fighting System : Senior Classes
Ronin Sentou Taijutsu - Masterless Combat Body Art

Ronin Sentou Taijutsu is a Japanese fighting system which uses a wide range of striking methods and jujutsu techniques to overcome an aggressive attacker, this comprehensive fighting system is great for both Adults & Children looking to protect themselves.

Instructors are CRB/DBS Checked & 1st Aid Trained,
and have a minium of 8 years training in the Dojo.

A brief summary of our fighting system…

The Principles Of Evade – Control – Disable

This principle is used to escape an attackers assault by moving away from the attack using Tai Sabaki (Body Angling)
, controlling the assailant by blocking and striking, then disabling by throwing / choking or rendering the attacker unconscious.

We use fists, feet, elbows, knees and head to strike the opponent. We do not deal in competition, most strikes are delivered against pads and we try to optimize the speed and power of techniques.

Jujitsu & Throws:
Most standard Jujitsu throws are used, as well as sacrifice throws, and shoots (take downs). Comprehensive range of joint dislocations from feet to neck. The Jujutsu is aggressive, care is taken in Dojo as some techniques can cause serious injury to an assailant in the street.

Pressure point strikes to render assailant unconscious or disabled, by traumatizing nerve endings with strikes.

Ground fighting is taught to compliment the Jujitsu, we do not purposely take the attacker to the floor but most fights land up there, so we deal with suffocating/choking, dislocation of nearly all joints, fighting from back, side and on top of the attacker. This and the Jujitsu is a huge area in this style. We strike and grapple on the ground similar in many respects to free fighting.

Free fighting:
Free fighting is a widely misunderstood element in most styles, as most fights on the street are not free fighting sessions; they are fast and aggressive with no rules (groin & eyes watch out!). Free fighting is really about learning what techniques you are comfortable in using, learning timing and distance when striking. We train mainly in light/ semi continuous sparring with hand mitts.

We train in a wide range of traditional weapons, including the following: Tonfa, Nunchuku, Short Stick, Jo, Bokken, Kubotan, Manriki Kusari (As belt techniques) and Knife. On occasion we train in Kendo gear to experience the realism of weapon fighting in safety. We also train in expedient weapons as most traditional weapons are not at hand on the street.

We teach traditional Katas with the emphases on the Bunkai (Meaning behind the moves) as it seems to us that a Kata is just a dance without the meaning behind these techniques. Some of the Katas focus on Ibuki breathing, which improves cardio vascular/lung capacity and isometric exercise.

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