Some FAQ on the Ronin Taijutsu…
Before joining either of the dojo's, we recommend that you come along and watch one of our
sessions, one of our instructors would be able to explain what’s taking place within the
session and advise which class would best suit the student. Our 'Classes' page will help you
see which club best suits you.

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What do I need on my first session?
On your first session you are welcome to wear loose comfortable clothing, should you enjoy training with us
it is recommended to purchase a Gi (Training Suit).
We train in bare feet so you need short clean finger and toe nails. This stops them getting caught or bent
back and prevents you scratching your partner.
All Jewellery needs to be removed so as earings and rings cannot scratch your partner when training and
necklaces cannot get caught and tighten or break. Earings can also get caught and could be ripped from
your ear and rings can trap circulation to your fingers when they swell with heat and exercise.
Excessive make-up should not be worn as it can rub off on your partners Gi.
Your instructor will answer to the term “Sensei” or by their first name. When a technique is being shown,
never be afraid to ask to see it again, if you did not fully understand it.
How do I rebook for next term?
All clubs now have the standing order scheme. This means that your place is secure within the club and
there is no need to re-book each term.
What happens to my standing order when the club is closed?
Every year we train for 37 weeks a year, we totalled the cost of these 37 weeks a year and divided the
total amount by 12 so that the banks can take a set amount each month of the year. This means that the
standing order can just keep running as it is covering the cost of all your sessions, membership and
insurance throughout the year which means that there is no need to stop or alter your standing order.
I wish to change my training days or times…
With regard to Juniors it is best to discuss with the Instructor’s whether it is suitable for the student to move
to their chosen group. Once agreed if you could kindly e-mail us just to confirm your wish to move group.
What do I need to do? As I am moving from Juniors to Seniors…
Once a student becomes a suitable size (not belt colour) to move into the Seniors, then they are requested
to move to either (Tue or Thu 8pm Barnet Club), (Mon or Thu 8pm Risborough Club) or (Wed 8pm Terriers
Club), depending upon spaces available. If the parent/student upon moving to the Seniors can amend their
standing order to the Senior rate due to the longer training sessions.
What do I need to do if, myself or my child wish to stop training?
We are always sorry to see students leave our Dojo's it is always worth contacting us to see if a more
suitable training time or day is available or if a change of Instructor would be prefered. In the event of you
wishing to cease training we only ask for 1 months notice to stop training at any of the clubs this
acknowledgement needs to be sent to us via e-mail. We also remind you that you are in control of the
standing order and your bank will only accept your notification to stop it. The Ronin Taijutsu can't authorise
the cancellation of your standing order and are not liable to refund any over payments received.
Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Black Belt?
Are You 1 In 70 Students?
1) Dedication to perfecting your skills
2) Persistence in the face of adversity.
3) Respect for self and others.
4) Perseverance and determination when others give up.
5) To confront your fears and defeat them.
6) To see failure as an excuse to try again.
7) To face and lose your ego and accept yourself for who you are.
8) To be independent of mind and thought.
To be a Black Belt takes more than most are willing to give. This is why in this style it takes 6 years to
achieve Black Belt. This is not to train yourself for just a grading but for life itself.
Why should I need to defend myself?
In today’s world everyone has to take responsibility for their own personal safety. Many people protect their
homes and cars with alarms but few think of how to protect themselves or their family. Every day, whether
going to work or the shops we are exposed to possible violence such as Road Rage, Muggings and
How could I defend against an attack?
Taijutsu is a dynamic Martial Art which uses natural body movements and avoidance techniques to evade
or escape a would be attacker. Applying this simple technique the students is shown to use their natural
weapons e.g. feet, hands, elbows and knees to effectively take control of the situation with minimal
damage to themselves and render the aggressor incapacitated to escape. Taijutsu is not a “Sport” art it
allows for a smaller or weaker person to effectively defend themselves against a larger or stronger
How fit do I need to be?
This depends on what you personally wish to achieve. In terms of Self Defence, fitness is not so important,
as long as you can physically escape from the assailant it does not matter whether you can run 25 miles or
bench press your own body weight.
So why is there such great emphasis placed upon fitness?
It has been universally recognised that some form of exercise is good, for both the body and the mind.
Physical benefits are, improved cardiovascular performance, loss of excess weight, better muscular
support for bone structure and of course you feel better for it! It is also a great way to relax the mind from
outside stress be it work or home.
Am I going to feel sore if I start training?
This depends on your level of fitness, everyone is encouraged to work to their own limits, whether this be
one sit-up or a hundred, most of the training is cardiovascular by striking shields, some aerobic and
strength work is included to make your techniques more powerful. Age should never be an issue here!
What if I already feel confident!?
Many people do feel confident about themselves particularly in familiar surroundings. However when in a
different town or meeting new people, perhaps through work or going out in the evening, you can feel
vulnerable. This is a natural feeling which many of us hide.
Can Taijutsu help me feel more confident?
No one can guarantee an immediate improvement. Although with training a person will certainly become
more aware of there surroundings and abilities to protect themselves. We train against likely attacks you
may meet in the street, such as grabs, strangles, punches, kicks and weapons. In knowing how to deal with
these type of situations, your body language will become more positive as you will feel more able to deal
with a possible attack. The road to any journey starts with the first step, If you have the confidence to start
training your half way there and the more you do the better you get!
Is one Martial Art better than another?
No, not really, most Martial Arts follow the same premise, and to be effective at any Art relies on how well
the student responds to the Instructor, the techniques taught and the duration of training. If you are
interested in training, then come and see one of the clubs in action, you’ve got nothing to lose. The phrase
“It is the student that makes the art not the art that makes the student,” sums it up nicely.
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What do I need on my first session?
How do I rebook for next term?
How does the standing order work?
I wish to change my training days or times…
I'm moving from Juniors to Seniors…
What if I want to stop training?
What does it take to be a Black Belt?
Why should I need to defend myself?
How could I defend against an attack?
How fit do I need to be?
Why is there such emphasis on fitness?
Am I going to feel sore if I start training?
What if I already feel confident!?
Can Taijutsu help me feel more confident?
Is one Martial Art better than another?