Origins of our Style :
Ronin Sentou Taijutsu - Masterless Combat Body Art

The basis of our style of Taijutsu originally moved over from Japan around the 1960's. Since
its move to the UK, clubs were opened in the Bucks & West London areas teaching self
defence and Martial Arts to the communities they lived amongst.

Historically the Taijutsu fighting system has many strong attributes, as many will know from
the famed and fabled Ninjutsu warriors of legend , however did you know that the 3rd UFC
champion was himself a Ninjutsu practitioner. 

Sensei Paul Gunning has trained in Taijutsu and other Martial Art systems for over 30 years
in the Buckinghamshire area, and has combined the strengths of Taijutsu with the practical
fighting skills of the Tiger Claw Kung Fu, Aikijutsu and Boxing techniques.  Alongside this
the Jujutsu includes a strong ground fighting game to further improve this fighting system.

Beyond the physical training provided in Dojo, we also train students in mental and spiritual
techniques to enable them to survive abuse or assaults on the streets. Using Meditation,
Kuji, Tai Chi and the Mental Training techniques allows for students to become independent
and strengthen the focus within their minds.

As this martial art is based on a Japanese fighting system, you may recognised many of the
techniques taught in a “Knock Down” style of karate, kicks and punches are thrown with
power in mind. We are not a sporting system, the idea is to "survive at any cost", our
jujutsu is aggressive and goes beyond standard Judo systems.

All our Instructors have trained for over 7 years in this style and graded to blackbelt to be
able to teach under the support of 3rd Dan Instructors, it is important for instructors to train
as well as teach in the techniques used.

Over the past 24 years Sensei Paul has been teaching, we now have 270 + students
training in our system of Martial Art at clubs in Barnet London, High Wycombe, Okehampton
and Princes Risborough. Students range from complete beginners to experienced
practitioners in Karate, Jujutsu, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Taekwondo and Military employees,
we are pleased to say they all have gained much from their training in our system. 

Is this a hybrid martial art ? Well in some ways yes it is but most systems are today, but its
“philosophical teachings” that are steeped in history and tradition, as is the class etiquette
and some of the techniques and weapons taught. However, some techniques have had to
modernise to be able to cope with modern day assaults. I invite you to research Bartitsu or
the famed Bruce Lee, their systems of Martial Art developed techniques to enable them to
overcome assaults from likely attacks of their day, both systems created hybrid fighting
systems. Tradition is important, but today's martial artist's are not fighting Samurai warriors
of old, so systems have to evolve to survive and be relevant.

The proof is in the eating as they say, just come with an empty stomach! We welcome all
students to come and train with us from beginners to experienced Martial Artist's, our
training rates are low to enable all to be able to train, we train hard in a friendly atmosphere,
and we are pleased to say most students say our Dojo's are their new found "Home"!
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