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A video interview with one of the Students who kindly shared his thoughts on Martial Arts & Ronin Taijustu.
My son today attended the class. I must say the teachers running it are amazing. My son has some real social development needs that we are working through and your team are so kind, understanding and appropriate with him. I am sure this is going to really help him develop whilst learning a skill. Please pass on my sincere thanks.
Comments from newly starting students...
Good morning Clare, my boys attended thank-you and they loved it, please can you send the forms in to me via email, can't wait for my session tomorrow. Thank you once again.
We all know that starting something new can be a bit concerning, especially where children are concerned. Please take a moment to read some of the recent feedback our students and new members have said about our Dojos & Instructors.

Your friendliness, out of all the martial arts gyms I tried here in Wycombe I can most certainly say this one was the one I liked most.
We would like to thank those who have given us permission to publish their thoughts on our Dojo's, as we would like to think that our Professionalism in teaching and assisting students is a vital part of our clubs sucess...
Review of our Self Defense Courses from one of the Top schools in London
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We would be delighted if you would accept both our children into your club. Both my wife and I were extremely impressed with the atmosphere and expertise being offered by your club.
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with sensei Tony. He is so friendly to the parents and fantastic with the kids. He has a good balance of firm but fun. My son actually has ASD so could be difficult to manage or if managed wrongly would not be able or want to attend things like this. Tony manages him really well which is quite a skill. Just want to give some positive feedback where it is due.
I have to thank your instructors they are great with my son, as he is the youngest in the senior group and doing well I hear, they are really good with him.  My son’s concentration, memory and discipline at school has really improved since attending these classes.