Japanese Fighting System :
Ronin Sentou Taijutsu Juniors classes aged 5 - 13 years.

Ronin Sentou Taijutsu has a very strong Junior base of around 190 students, the classes are fun and every session students learn something new in their Martial Art skills. The classes are formal and friendly, with 1 to 2 instructors on the Mat in nearly all clubs. Juniors learn to defend themselves from adults as well as child bullies which improves their well-being and confidence.

Our students learn the bases of our Martial Art with emphasis on awareness and self protection on the street. Juniors learning self protection techniques are taught when to use these skills and not to use them in-appropriately, most of the techniques are not as aggressive as in the senior sessions for obvious reasons.

We also have a very special section for juniors and their studies in our Members Section!

Instructors are Enhanced DBS Checked & 1st Aid Trained,
and have a minium of 8 years training in the Dojo.

A brief summary of the skills Junior students learn…

The Principles Of Evade – Control – Disable

The Juniors learn this principle by moving away from the attack using Tai Sabaki (body angling)
, controlling the assailant by blocking and striking if necessary.

Students are shown the basic striking methods of the style using fists, feet, elbows, and knees to strike the opponent. We do not deal in competition, most strikes are delivered against pads and we try to optimize the Juniors balance, speed and power of techniques.

Jujitsu & Throws:
We teach the standard Jujutsu throws to Juniors, and the basis of shoots (take downs). They are taught pinning techniques and arm locks in case they are tackled to the floor.

We teach the bases of ground fighting which is taught to compliment the Jujitsu, the Juniors love the grappling games taught within our system, these games assist the student to feel confident if the attack goes to the floor and to get up again quickly.

Free fighting:
Juniors do Free fighting as a very light contact with protective equipment, often they spar against Senior & Junior Black Belts in the clubs so that they can learn how to move/block and strike should they need to use this skill in defending themselves.

We use Martial art specific games for encourage team building, co-ordination and confidence. In playing these games the student learns in a fun way which is important as subconsciously the Martial Art becomes instinctive and they in turn are more natural in their movements.

We teach traditional Katas (pre-arrange fight moves in sequence) this is a great way for the student to learn left from right, balance co-ordination and memory skills. We teach the moves with an emphasises on the Bunkai (Meaning behind the moves) as it seems to us that a Kata is just a dance without the meaning behind the moves, this also assist the student in remembering the techniques taught.

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